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DE : C PREMIUM CREAM - ALTER EGO ITALY - Hair Bleaches Lighteners

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ALTER EGO ITALY - Hair Bleaches Lighteners

Whitener cream high cosmetic action

Bleaching cream with high cosmetic action, extends the existing range of technical products Decoego for professional bleaching. It offers a 360 degree service, from the most traditional streaks with foil, scratches, balayages, light strokes with a spatula or comb, to various contrast techniques.
Thanks to its creamy texture, dense and compact and its molecular composition enhanced with the innovative Hydra Loock System, allows for greater ease of application and is suitable for all techniques of discoloration.
Its texture refers to the feeling of a nutritious and cosmetic treatment that not stiffens and does not dry the hair during the application phases. Contains: Beeswax, Maize, Shea Butter, Kaolin.
Its unique Hydra Loock System based Beeswax allows you to incorporate the active ingredients through a safety net around the hair like a protective hive. This mechanism of natural origin favors a more even distribution of cream and allows for a better grip on the hair structure.
In addition, the action of Bio -Conditioning Caring System based Protein Maize, helps to rebalance the hair's natural protein content, giving fullness in color, luster and vitality.
package : bag of 250 gr.